What’s Wrong With American POLITICS?

Nearly every public poll, whether conducted by a liberal/ progressive, moderate or conservative media, indicates, the vast majority of Americans, regardless of party affiliation, and/ or political beliefs, believes/ perceives something is wrong, and dysfunctional, in the present political system. They witness lots of rhetoric and promises, from both sides of the spectrum, but little ever gets done and/ or achieved! When a major, well – respected C.E.O., like Jamie Dimon, of Chase Bank, appears so frustrated, he recently lashed – out, against the politics – as – usual, way our politicians are behaving, and describes it as embarrassing the United States, it should indicate, there’s obviously, something wrong with how we are proceeding! Let’s review, using the mnemonic approach, what is wrong with American POLITICS!

1. Priorities; planning; polarizing: Shouldn’t our politicians serve and represent the needs, priorities, etc, of their constituents, while doing what’s best for the country? Too often, these elected officials merely make a lot of noise, and articulate a blame – and – complain, negative message, which polarizes, rather than unifies! Look at how the two major parties, appear to disagree, on nearly every issue, rather than seeking a meeting of the mind, which focuses on common ground, and common sense!

2. Options; optics; opportunities: Imagine how many quality opportunities have been squandered, and/ or lost, rather than taken advantage of! Why can’t the politicians consider the best options, and realize, how others perceive them, and the negative optics, involved?

3. Listen; learn; leadership: Don’t we deserve leaders who focus on learning what’s needed and necessary, and learn what’s needed and necessary? Now, more than ever, this nation needs, and deserves, genuine, quality leadership!

4. Integrity: Why does it seems, there is so little integrity, exhibited by our political leaders? What does it say about our system of government, when the fact – checking websites, have shown, our top politician, cares so little about articulating the truth?

5. Timely: By the time most issues are addressed, it’s either no longer relevant, or too late! Wouldn’t it be better, if we were governed, in a timely, well – considered manner.

6. Imagination: Demand politicians prioritize service, rather than party politics – as – usual! We deserve to be represented by individuals with a relevant imagination, and a focus on seeking solutions!

7. Creative; character: Creative solutions, rather than empty rhetoric, should be our leader’s emphasis! Unfortunately, far too of these individuals, seem to have the quality of character, to pursue a change, for the better!

8. Sustainable system: More poor decisions have been made, because of expedience, rather than thorough consideration. Look at longer – term needs and priorities, and demand, a well – developed, focused, sustainable system!

Perhaps the title of this article is somewhat of an oxymoron, because, it often appears, there is far more wrong, than right, about the direction of our governance! The items discussed in this article only touch – the – surface, in terms of what is dysfunctional, with American POLITICS.

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